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It's time for a passionate, principled, plainspoken 
 conservative  to represent you.

Thank you for joining my campaign!

I'm Brian Brazeal

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Extraordinary record of business and personal achievement

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No political office previously held

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No special interest money to keep me from serving the people

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No elitism, Leftism, or cronyism

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Just God, the Constitution, & freedom according to the rule of law



Oath to the People

If you vote for me, I pledge to  vigorously  and  energetically  link arms with like-minded conservative outsiders in government to   enact the following 7-Point Conservative Platform  for the Prosperity in Texas.


Stop the Invasion.
Secure the Border.

American interests are being undercut at every turn. Millions are  invading  our nation through Texas' southern border, encouraged by Leftist politicians and policies. Others talk . . .  but do nothing.  I will introduce or support laws to . . .

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Stop Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Indoctrination.

Taxpayers  should not  be expected to fund authoritarianism or the  Marxist indoctrination  of their own children, military, and government workers. I will introduce or support laws to . . .


Restore Jobs.
Cut Inflation.

The quickest way back to prosperity is  restoring energy independence, and Texas can lead the way.  Combined with lower taxes and limited spending, this will boost the economy. I will introduce or support laws to . . .



Promote the Family. Protect Our Children.

America  won’t remain free, stable, & prosperous  if government is an enemy of the nuclear family and biological gender. That’s not only  scriptural—it’s social and physiological science.  I will introduce or support laws to . . .


Defend Religious Freedom.

The  radical Left vilifies Judeo-Christian values  to minimize their influence on society, but replaces them with the  new religion of Wokeism.  State legislature must vigorously push back. I will introduce or support laws to . . .

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Restore Our Laws. Including Fair Elections.

The Left honors  raw power,  not constitutional law and transcendent principles under God. Establishment elites and cronies talk tough but  do little  to counter the Left.  I won’t play those games.  I will honor my oath. I will introduce or support laws to . . .


Serve God and the People, Not the Swamp.

My faith provides the moral foundation for my life, and  every decision I make will be made with prayer. 


I’m not running for fame, fortune, or a title. I am running to serve  the people of Texas House District 65 and all Texans,  and I stand in the gap to protect our liberties.


We can restore and preserve American greatness if we can get  principled conservatives to stand and fight  for the people against the establishment, political swamp and destructive ideological forces.


Texas’ best days are ahead!

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Sign your name below to stand with me.

Help me accomplish this reform plan for TX HD-65

Thank you for joining the campaign!

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I Will Fight for You.

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I believe Republicans who stand by passively while our nation drifts in crisis are as tragically dangerous in their own way as the Democrats who drive the leftward drift.


We need high-energy representatives who will stand and fight for our nation and values instead of passively voicing half-hearted opposition without any effective pushback.

I will give my vigorous and unwavering support to the Republican Party of Texas legislative priorities.


I believe HD-65 deserves a representative who will enthusiastically join this fight for our rights, our values, and our nation.  Republican primary voters have the power to change the course of Texas and the nation by voting for a conservative outsider in Texas House District 65.

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